The Red List Will Be Suspended on November 1, 2021

UK government suspends red list from today
UK government suspends red list from today

Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela were removed from the United Kingdom government’s red list of high-risk coronavirus nations and territories at 4 a.m. local time on Monday, November 1.

On the other hand, the system of red lists has remained untouched. “As a precaution,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated on Friday, “we will preserve the red list category.” Shapps stated that the United Kingdom will reinstall nations and territories as a first line of defense against the coronavirus virus if required. The red list will be updated every three weeks with the most current information. Returning travellers to a nation on the red list are expected to stay in one of these facilities for a minimum of ten days/11 nights during their visit (see story below for costs).

As a result of the list’s demise, several of the government’s approved quarantine hotels are now on standby in case travelers seek severe seclusion in the future. More recently, as of Monday, November 1, the UK government’s inbound vaccination policy was expanded to include more than 30 new countries and territories, including Argentina, Tanzania, Cambodia, Peru, and Uganda, putting travelers who have received approved vaccines from those countries on an equal footing with those who have received vaccinations through the national health service.

As a consequence of this addition, the total number of nations on this list has now reached 135. This page contains detailed information on each vaccination, as well as examples of papers you may use to certify that you have been properly vaccinated with an authorized vaccine.

Foreign travelers to the United Kingdom who have received all of their immunizations are not required to self-isolate; instead, they must submit to a Covid test on or before their second day in the country. Pre-booked lateral flow tests on Day 2 became available for the first time yesterday for passengers flying from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; before, this option was only accessible to travelers flying from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland who landed in England on October 24. Lateral flow tests can cost as little as £20, however, PCR testing can cost up to three times as much. On Day 2, everyone who tests positive for HIV will be given a free NHS PCR test to confirm their results.

Furthermore, non-vaccinated travelers aged 18 and older must have a PCR test completed 72 hours before traveling to the United Kingdom and must self-isolate for 10 days following arrival, with further PCR tests performed on Days 2 and 8.

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